If you love green sea turtle, set them free

People often say home is the safest place on earth. For wildlife animals, their natural habitats serve as their nesting place to grow in number and beauty. Humans, as stewards of creation, have the calling to protect animals by allowing them to flourish naturally in their sanctuaries in order to sustain ecological balance.

The green sea turtle, also called pawikan in our native language, is listed endangered due to the declining populace of female nesting specie. just like us, humans, it strives to adapt to our changing environment, however, it has no power to resist human intrusion in their apparently tranquil life in the sea. some people take advantage of these meek creatures by keeping them as business props to attract local and foreign tourists – instead of rescuing them from pending deletion on the face of the planet.

Few days ago, i heard the news about a certain pawikan found in Bgy. Lawi, Jordan, Guimaras, otherwise informally called “Turtle Island”. the poor pawikan was kept in captivity by two local caregivers to earn some money.each tourist visiting the island who wished to take a photo with the innocent turtle was collected five pesos.


consequently, authorities were informed and they immediately addressed the issue. i felt relieved when the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Region VI worked for the immediate release of the pawikan on September 21, 2013. according to DENR Penro Guimaras’ Facebook Page, it measured with a carapace length of 43.5cm and carapace width of 40.0 cm, and tagged PH1016G. “When freed, the marine turtle appeared in good shape as checked by the SEAFDEC (South East Asian Fisheries Development Center) personnel even if it has a trace of 1.5 cmhealing wound on the orbit of its right eye.”

The Republic Act 9147of the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act imposes penalty for the violation. DENR Region VI also advised the caregivers and resort owner to abide with the provisions of the law, and refrain from promoting the so-called “Turtle Island” without formality from the Tourism Office.

TBT: Taking Back Turtle Memory

Why do I care so much for turtles? When I was a little kid in the province, my father would tag me early morning to the seashore to breath some fresh air, especially when I have flu. i would sat down and observe how a lot of tiny turtles flock by the shore and return to the sea as the sun slowly comes up.Since then, i learned to appreciate turtles. i developed a soft spot for this slowly-moving animal, clad in hard shell. as a child, i was so curious how this kind of animal matures. the childish question i asked my father was, “Do they need to look for a bigger shell when they grow up?” One day, i would do the same for my kids, and i hope that there will still be tiny and big turtles herding by the coast

Quote of the day: “If you lovegreen sea turtles, set them free.” This is my throwback Thursday. #tbt #throwbackthursday #turtles #pawikan #greenseaturtles #marine #biodiversity #whatsnextph